March 26

Sam asleep
oil on canvas 28" x 18"
Collection of the artist

I painted Sam earlier this year in what is a characteristic pose for him. Sam is 19 years old.

I'm working on a portrait right now, so my postings may be a little less frequent. On the other hand, I do hope to document some of the signs of spring emerging in the garden. Our first crocus bloomed today and we have snowdrops in the backyard. Spring at last.


Mark said...

What an excellent tail. This is a wonderful portrait.

hex said...

Shannon, the cat paintings rock.

LauraP said...

The lighting is perfect - I so love this cat painting.

Shannon Reynolds said...

Thanks Laura,
I love it because I love the animal and know his little ways, but I'm happy to know others can love it too.

fianna32 said...

I've been looking at all your paintings on this page and thinking what a wonderful artist you are. I also love this cat painting. I like the paintings with glass and water in them too. :)

Shannon Reynolds said...

Thanks Fianna.
I hope to be launching a redesigned website and adding more entries to my blog this fall.