The Local Scene

This has been the longest, most shut-in winter I can remember.  I've only made it out to life drawing a few times, but I've no shortage of models.  I've been painting the local scene.

painting of black eastern grey squirrel, oil on canvas, Shannon Reynolds
Local character study #1: Black squirrel crouching, oil on canvas board, 8"x8"   


You lookin at me?

Some toughs have taken up residence around the bird feeder, and it's not who you might think.  No hawks here, just doves.  Dove toughs.  They hang in the locust tree and whenever some smaller species lands near the feeder, they whir down and bully the little birds away with sheer size, and numbers, and that jerky, bobble-head, stink eye thing they do so well. 

You lookin at me? (mourning dove),  oil on panel, by Shannon Reynolds
Mourning Dove, oil on panel, 7" x 12"


Three-hour painted study from life

I've been taking advantage of the opportunity to paint from life at monthly three-hour single pose sessions at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.  The brief single session forces concentrated observation and loose paint handling.  This one is from the January session.

three hour life study by Shannon Reynolds
Robin (detail), painted study, oil on prepared paper

Robin, oil on paper, three-hour life study, by Shannon Reynolds
Robin, painted study, oil on prepared paper, 11" x 14"