Life Drawings and a Pigeon

A couple of weeks ago, just before I succumbed to the flu, I drew a life model named Lyon, who wore a startling necklace of human molars (his own it turns out)  and who is a descendent of the notable, fierce, pre-confederation Canadian politician William Lyon Mackenzie. I forgot my chalk, which is a shame because he had great Scottish colouring.

gesture drawing by Shannon Reynolds
Lyon, gesture drawing, charcoal on layout paper

life drawing, vine charcoal on gessoed paper, by Shannon Reynolds
Lyon, vine charcoal on gessoed paper

And a life drawing from the Autumn sessions

life drawing, male.charcoal on gessoed paper, Shannon Reynolds
male model, vine charcoal on gessoed paper
 And a sketchbook pigeon for good measure.
Parc Monceau pigeon sketch, by Shannon Reynolds
Parc Monceau Pigeon, charcoal in sketchbook

Three Italian Plums

Three Italian plums, oil on panel, still life by Shannon Reynolds
Three Italian plums, oil on panel, 8" x 10"


Happy New Year!

All the jingle bells are packed away for another year.   Not a resolution, exactly, but I do hope to draw paint and post more actively this year.

Jingle Bell, oil on panel, painting by Shannon Reynolds
Jingle Bell, oil on panel, 5" x 7", 2012