August 30

whippets sketch graphite and gouache on wood

Whippets at Bayswater
graphite and gouache on wood, 10" x 10"

This is a very preliminary sketch for a painting in a series I'm beginning.


August 28

Dunes at Bayswater Beach oil on canvas

Dunes at Bayswater
oil on canvas panel, 6"x 8"


August 27

oil on canvas sail boat nova scotia

Private Collection
Sea Wench and High Clouds
oil on canvas panel, 8"x 8"

Home and land locked once again. I feel I've been robbed of a dimension. Although I haven't been much of a plein air painter I bought a portable easel and paintbox to carry with me on vacation. This is the first painting produced on my new contraption. This view, although it changes all the time with the weather and the presence or absence of boats on their moorings, is one slice of the panorama that greets us whenever we look out a window or step outside our once a year home away from home.


August 8

portrait oil on canvas profile

oil on stretched canvas, 7" x 9"

We're preparing for our annual sojourn through Quebec and on to Nova Scotia's gorgeous south shore. I thought the hiatus in my posting would come while I was blissfully doing nothing en vacances, but instead, it's come before. The hectic lead-up to travel is taking up all of my time.

I've been enjoying still life painting, but nature mort sometimes feels a little, well, dead, and I find myself craving more animated subjects. I'm not sure what will emerge on canvas or in my sketchbook during our travels, but I may turn my attention to some landscape and more portrait sketches. This one is actually my father, looking more ecclesiastical than usual. He's been lending a hand in our renovations and is more likely trying to determine level than pondering existential mysteries, but one never knows.