August 8

portrait oil on canvas profile

oil on stretched canvas, 7" x 9"

We're preparing for our annual sojourn through Quebec and on to Nova Scotia's gorgeous south shore. I thought the hiatus in my posting would come while I was blissfully doing nothing en vacances, but instead, it's come before. The hectic lead-up to travel is taking up all of my time.

I've been enjoying still life painting, but nature mort sometimes feels a little, well, dead, and I find myself craving more animated subjects. I'm not sure what will emerge on canvas or in my sketchbook during our travels, but I may turn my attention to some landscape and more portrait sketches. This one is actually my father, looking more ecclesiastical than usual. He's been lending a hand in our renovations and is more likely trying to determine level than pondering existential mysteries, but one never knows.

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