Solo Exhibition of Paintings at the Red Brick in Guelph

A solo exhibition of paintings by Shannon Reynolds at the Red Brick Cafe in Guelph
Shannon Reynolds
at the Red Brick Café
8 Douglas St. Guelph, Ontario, Monday- Saturday 8am-11pm, Sunday 11am-5pm
October 26 through December 13

My paintings will be hanging at the Red Brick Café in downtown Guelph until December 13th. The exhibition features a few large paintings and many smaller landscapes and animal studies as well as some oldies but goodies from earlier series, notably my dj hands.  There's something for everyone.  The historic cafe/gallery space is high-ceilinged and light-filled with several comfortable rooms.   If you are in Guelph over the next few weeks, I hope you stop in for a cappuccino or a craft beer and let me know what you think of the show.


Doe, a Deer

a female deer.  Elegant creature. Tick vector. Driving hazard. Muncher of gardens.  We spotted this one and several others in the long grass near a popular surfing beach on Nova Scotia's south shore.
oil painting portrait of a young, female, white-tailed deer by Shannon Reynolds
Young Female White-tailed Deer, oil on panel, 12" x 12"


When Thanksgiving falls just a week before a federal election...

the dinner table can become a battleground.  Fortunately for us, we banned all political talk beforehand and the potential melee was forestalled...

red fox, hound, Canada goose, red-winged blackbirds, and gull fighting
Clangor, oil on panel, 18" x 18"

Red-winged blackbird, Mute swans, Red fox, Coyote, American Kestrel, and Hound all screeching
Cacophony, oil on panel, 18" x 18"
at least until after dinner when we relieved any lingering tensions by throwing fallen walnuts at each other in the nearby park.


Too cold and Damp for Nuit Blanche...and Barn Owls

We didn't brave the cold to see the overnight art spectacle this year, but I heard we missed a sculpture of one of these stealthy killers constructed entirely of Lego blocks by Toronto Artist Ekow Nimako.

Barn owl, oil painting, Shannon Reynolds
Barn Owl sketch, oil on panel, 6" x 6"

This is my far more humble sketch of a Barn Owl painted earlier this year.   Even in Southern Ontario, we're at the very northern tip of  its habitat.  Maybe if global warming continues, the Barn Owl will venture farther north, and then we'll have yet another reason to preserve small family farms, which offer ideal nesting and hunting grounds.