March 29


oil on canvas panel 4" x 6"

I picked these from the small clump in my backyard and stole a little time from my portrait painting to record these intrepid harbingers of spring.


March 26

Sam asleep
oil on canvas 28" x 18"
Collection of the artist

I painted Sam earlier this year in what is a characteristic pose for him. Sam is 19 years old.

I'm working on a portrait right now, so my postings may be a little less frequent. On the other hand, I do hope to document some of the signs of spring emerging in the garden. Our first crocus bloomed today and we have snowdrops in the backyard. Spring at last.


March 22

Ginger and Garlic
oil on stretched canvas 5" x 7"


March 18

Cat in Window
oil on stretched canvas 10" x 10"
Collection of the artist


March 13

Green-Edged Mussel Shells After Dinner

oil on stretched canvas 6" x 8"

I love to look at iridescent mussel shells. It seems a shame to throw away something so gorgeous.


March 11

Orchid Stem

oil on stretched canvas, 5" x 7"

Somehow, the purchased exotic flowers of winter never have the same appeal as the short-lived flowers of spring. I can hardly wait for the garden to come back to life. The sun is out and the snow is melting. We turned the clocks forward today--three weeks earlier than ever before. As a late riser, I welcome the change.


March 9

Dessicating Rose

oil on stretched canvas 7" x 7"


March 8

Red Peppers

oil on canvas board 5" x 7"


March 7

Red Onions
oil on canvas board 5" x 7"


March 6

White Onions

oil on canvas board, 5" x 7"