Snow Dogs in July

I said goodbye this week to two paintings commissioned by a family to pay homage to some of the dogs they have generously rescued over the years.  Dogs who have the good fortune to be adopted by this remarkable family will spend the rest of their days in a bucolic setting in the company of other dogs, ponies, and cats with mown meadow paths and snowy fields to meander and warm beds to sleep in.   Lucky dogs!

'Beagle in Snow' getting framed in a custom 3" reverse bevel frame
These paintings were commissioned and painted from supplied photos taken in winter with the cool snow offering a great foil to the dogs' warm colouring.

oil painting of a beagle in snow, detail, © Shannon Reynolds 2016
Beagle in Snow (detail), oil on panel 12" x 24"
Framed commissioned pet portraits beagle and rescue dogs in snow © Shannon Reynolds
'Beagle in Snow' and 'Snow Dog Trio' framed and ready to hang on the wall of their adoptive home


Happy Canada Day (or how to paint your berries and eat them too)

In honour of the big birthday party, I decided to paint a composition in red and white with the last of the season's strawberries.  These were painted from life in the studio in a single session today (technically yesterday).  It was a struggle not to eat my berry models while I painted.

Still life painting of strawberries and cream oil on panel all prima Shannon Reynolds 2016
Last of the Summer Strawberries, oil on panel, 8" x 8"

A still life painting of strawberries in progress on the easel Shannon Reynolds 2016
Strawberry still life on the easel in progress

Sadly, the berries have now been eaten, every one.